Friday, July 22, 2011


It’s so fortunate that Ive got the chance to chat with a friend of mine via facebook and currently living in the United States. They were my neighbor’s and his younger brother, whom I considered as my childhood sweethearts way back then (in my dreams lol...)
With their kind heart, every year they send a Balikbayan box full of garage stuff and some clothes for their close relatives. Most of this stuff also for sale for those who are interested. So I got the chance to request if they have a signature bag for me.
And for the benefits of being neighbor and considered a close friend of my father her mother, she send me an email photos of a several signature bag for sale.

So, I choose this COACH TAN BAG for Php2,000.00 only... wow big big discount and yes feeling sosyal ang lola! hahaha....

and to identify its originality... check the inside stitch and of course the serial no..

But since its my first time, I really dont have any idea to identify the original and fake bags.... to solve my problem, there are lots of website to guide us.

Before buying make sure you know the difference from fake to original items....

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