Sunday, July 24, 2011

victoria secret

one morning, my husband called that he sent me a gift for my birthday. He'll going send it through a crew mate going home from their cruise trip in Germany.

I asked him what it is? and he said its a secret...its a surprise! then my hearts pump so fast even makes my hands shaking. He said I'm gonna love it!

One morning, someone missed call me and texted me that he's a crew mate of my husband.  He'll be in our house after an hour! It so intense knowing that you're gonna receive a gift but no idea of what it is!

After a shower and preparing to get dress, one text message received saying "d2 n po ako sa labas!" dali dali akong lumabas kahit alang suklay at tamang bihis lang makita ko lang ang gift nya!

Finally a set of VICTORIA SECRET....

its so kakakilig and super smile having this six different scent of victoria secret that i should hide them in my closet. why? hehehe tawagin nyo na akong madamot but baby its a collection indeed....

sorry to all my friends and relatives, for display only...

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